"Leo" - An Unseen Perspective of the Tamil Film.

 “இரத்தத்தில் கலந்தது சினிமா”

#LEO (லியோ) is an Indian Action Film which is written and directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj and background and music composed by Anirudh Ravichander.

It is derived from the famous film “History of Violence”. Here are some un-noticed and hidden details in this film which director made his excitement levels high and kept his audience engaged.

1. Coffee Shop Branding :

“Home-made Chocolates” - This clearly resembles Parthiban, who is kind and enjoying his present god gifted life.

“Wild Beans” – It resembles Leo Das, a gangster who is SAID TO BE died long back.

Sandy before going to Shop, where Thalapathy Vijay as Parthiban – shows up in “Blue” color.

During the Fight, where the “Leo” is unleashed, the color changed to “Pink” color.

After The Fight, the light changes it’s color to Blue.

(Here’s another sequence) :

After Parthiban arrested, Light again changes to Wild Beans. So, Leo is unleashed completely!

Parthiban asks the men, “Is it Black car?” (Normal point of view)

After they said Yes, He looks at the name board which changes to Pink (LEO point of view).

2. Gun Handling and English :

Hridayaraj D’Souza speaks English Fluently, so he might be the one who recommended English Movies to Leo. Leo (who is born in 1977) might learnt Gun Handling Style from “A Fistful of Dollars” film which is released in 1964. That’s how he might learned English.

3. Animals and the BEAST :

“Animal have a Family too, Don’t kill them” is what the Parthiban and family insist.

“Make Coffee, not War” is what the poster says in Parthiban’s coffee shop.

(Sandy initially asked Chocolate coffee after that the fight happened!)

Antony Das speaks to Leo when he serves the Coffee after this move, more problems arrived at Parthiban aka. Leo!

4. Poem for Sathya, not for the kid :

“I’ve never seen anybody do the things you do before”

He sings the rhymes to his child Chintu (Iyal) and also to Sathya (Trisha Krishnan). This line explains how he is shattered after Sathya’s doubt on him!

5. Leo – A RUTHLESS Killer! :

In the flashback, Leo only kills people for Antony Das and not for his hunger. Killer doesn’t need to taste the blood. But, Brutal Psycho Killer does it. So, Leo killed many people for his hunger also for the “Das and Co.” Business.

That’s why Antony Das (Leo’s father) mentioned he as a “Ruthless Killer”. So, The story of Leo is how a Psycho Killer completely forgets and hides his identity and past, to live a Happy life with His family.

The similar Sword (which is used in “Bloody Sweet Promo”) is used in the Climax Portion. But, Antony Das used different Knife!

That’s why director Lokesh Kanagaraj stated that, “it as a fake flashback” in a recent interview!

6. “Shadows to the Left” please! :

Agent Vikram (Kamal Haasan) is going to make a team after he lost his Agents (After a while when Amar [Fahadh Faasil] and Maya joined their team). He found out, Leo burned the Datura Factory (Das and Co.) in 1999. So, he already started his Investigation before Parthiban was arrested! That’s why Vikram sent Maya (who is referred as Shadows).

7. Leo and the LCU connect :

The Kadappa friend could be “Amar” (Fahadh Faasil) who said to his girlfriend about the travelled places in Vikram (2022).

8. The GUNS in LEO :

There are 2 types of Guns used in the #LeoFilm

1. Magnum Revolver (1999) in Flashback.

2. Sandy’s Revolver Gun : After Coffee shop Fight, the Gun is also used in Antony Das - Parthiban meet. Keeps the gun in his mind.

9. The EVIL – ANGEL crown :

Evil Crown – Angel symbolizes the Bad and the Good

10. Agent Vikram saved LEO? :

When Agent Vikram asks “Can you recognize my voice?” at the climax, Parthiban thinks and closes his eyes. Which gave two different ideas.

1. Another person is aware that he is Leo Das and he is still alive some where.

2. Look gives us the feel “He again”, where it shows there it has a small flashback between Leo Das (Thalapathy Vijay) and Agent Vikram (Kamal Haasan)

Here are the some noticed things and director’s touch in the film. Stay tuned for more information and details about Cinema. This is for you, Cinema Lovers.

“இரத்தத்தில் கலந்தது சினிமா ♡”

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