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Lionel Andres Messi 

Lionel Messi was born on 24 June 1987 in Rosario, Argentina.Messi is considered as the greatest player of all time in the football history.He plays in the role of forward and captain for both Argentina national football team and in Major league for the team Inter-Miami.He has spent his career playing in Barcelona until 2021.Messi has also won lots of trophies like he has won 8 ballon d'or in the history of football.Lionel is 36 years old now but he still play in the major leagues and has recently won the trophy for his team.

Family photo

Lionel Messi Family

Lionel Messi was married to Antolena Roccuzzo in 2017 and has three sons (Thiago messi,Mateo messi,Ciro Messi).His parents are Celia Maria Cuccittini,Jorge Messi.Lionel has three siblings named (Maria Sol Messi,Rodgrio Messi,Matias Messi). Messi's height is 1.7m and he was teased by his friends at his childhood because of his height.

FIFA World Cup

Messi's Football Career 

Messi started playing football from his childhood.At initial state Messi's grandmother helped him to join a small club in his hometown in Rosario.His grandmother requested the coach of the club named Newell's Old Boys.At first the coach of the club refused to join messi in his team but his grandmother requested the coach to join his grandson to join to his team and his is how Messi started playing football.

Later at the age of 19 -20 he became the first youngest Argentine player to appear in the FIFA World Cup.Till 2000 he stayed in Newell's Old Boys and later after 2000 Messi joined the Barcelona team which is also called as Camp Nou.Messi has scored 672 goals out of 778 appearances.This made the world to look at him with the jaw dropping.Messi became the Hero playing in FC Barcelona helping them in all tough situations to get the team qualified.

Messi was celebrated like a King by the FC Barcelona fans.He has made the team to achieve lots of trophies and titles and made the club to achieve many morethings.

FC Barcelona trophy collection

La Liga -(27),Copa del rey-(31),supercopa de Espana-(14), Copa Eva Durate-(3),Catalan league -(1),Catalan supercup-(2),Catalan cup-8,campionat de Catalunya(21),Copa Macaya(1),Liga catalana(1),Copa de la Liga(2),UEFA champions league(5),UEFA Cup winners (4),Inter-cities Fair Cup(4),Latin cup(2),UEFA super Cup (5), FIFA club World Cup (3).

Messi's dribbling

Lionel Messi trophy collection 

Messi had won 8 ballon d'or,a record six European Golden Shoes and was named the World's best player for a record eight times by FIFA.He has won 10 La Liga titles,seven Copa del Rey titles and the UEFA champions league four times. with his country he won the 2021 Copa America and 2022 FIFA World Cup.A prolitoc goalscorer and creative playmaker,Messi holds the records for most goals(474), hatricks(36)and assist in La Liga (192).He has the most international goals by a South American male (106).Messi has 
Scored over 800 senior career goals for club and country,and the most goals for a single club(672).
Messi is the country's all-time leading goalscorer and holds the national record for apperances.At youth level ,he won the 2005 FIFA World youth championship and gold at the 2008 summer Olympics.
Messi style of Play

Style of Play 

Due to his short height , Messi has lower centre of gravity that other tall players which gives them great ability allowing him to change the direction more quickly and evade opposing tackles. This led the Spanish media to dub him La Pulga Atomica("The Atomica Flea"). Despite being physically unimposing,,he possesses significant upper-body strength which combined with his low centre of gravity and resulting balance ,aids him in withstanding physical challenges from opponents;he has consequently been noted for his lack of diving in a sport rife with playacting.His short strong legs allow him to excel in short bursts of acceleration while his quick feet enable him to retain control of the ball when dribbling at speed.His former Barcelona manager Pep Guardiola once stated,"Messi is the only player that runs faster with the ball than he does without it". Although he has improved his ability with his weaker foot since his mid-20s ,Messi predominantly a left-footed player;with the outside of his left foot,he usually begins dribbling runs,while he uses the inside of his foot to finish and provide passes and assists.

A prolific goalscorer , Messi is known for his finishing, positioning ,quick reactions and ability to make attacking runs to beat the defensive line.He also functions in a playmaking role,courtesy of his vision and range of passing.He has often been described as a magician;a conjurer, creating goals and opportunities where seemingly none exist.Moreover he is an accurate free kick and penalty kick taker.As of September 2023,Messi ranks 5th all time in goals scored from direct free kicks with 65,the most among active players.He also has a penchant for scoring from chips.

Messi was the world's highest paid footballer for five years out of six between 2009 and 2014;he was the first player to exceed the €40 million benchmark with earnings of €41 million in 2013 and the €50-€60 million points with income of €65 million in 2014.Messi was second on Forbes list of the world's highest paid athletes after Ronaldo with income of €81 million from salary and endorsements in 2015-2016.In 2018 he was the first player to exceed the €100m benchmark for a calendar year with earnings of €126m in combined income from salaries,bonuses and endorsements.Firbes ranked him the world's highest paid athelete in 2019.From 2008 he was Barcelona's highest paid player receiving a salary that increased incrementally from €7.8 million to €13 million over the next five years.Signing a new contract in 2017 he earned $667,000per week in wages and Barcelona paid him $60 million as a signing on bonus.His buyout clause was set at $835 million.

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