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Origin of tattoos :

       Tattoos have often been presented popular in media either marks of dangerous and deviant or trendy youth fads. The tattoos are decorate their skin, the meaning of tattoos are come and go different across their culture . Decorative skin culture is found across the world but first tattoo is found on the Peruvian mummy dating back to 6000 BCE but you have ever think how tattoos really works? You may know we shed our skin cells daily over 30-40 thousand cells in one hour, that’s about one million per day.

Tattooing :

         So how come the tattoo doesn’t gradually flake of along with them? The simple answer is that tattoos involves getting deeper into their pigment the outer most layer is only shade in our body, Through out the history various tools are involved to accomplish this.
                    First tattooing machine is created by Thomas Edison engraving machine it ran on electricity but modern day tattoo machine is have tiny needle at the frequency 50 to 5000 per minute loaded with ink seep deeper into their dermis, which is composed in collagen fibres , blood vessels and more.
             Every time the tattooing machine penetrate the immune system calls and wound is begin repair the damage areas this process is makes the tattoos permanent.


Macrophages :

           First specialized cells called macrophages is travelled to the damaged site to clean the inflammatory ink, these cells are eat the ink to clean up the, and these cells are suspended in that specific area, then no way to dispose them and it suspended in the dermis, the dies remains in the pigment is visible in their skin, and some of the dies are suspended in dermis and the macrophages are importantly used in the tattooing process. While others are engulfed by the cells called fibroblasts.

Epidermal regenerations :

          Initially the ink is deposited in to epidermis the outer most layer is peeling like a sunburn but complete epidermal regenerations is take three to four weeks but the inner layer ink is safely carried by the dermis cells until they die, the dead cells and ink all of us taken up by the nearest young dermis cells this process is makes ink stay permanent for us.

Fading :

          But it’s time tattoos are fade by the sunburn that time using sunblock it’s blocked but the dermis cells are stay Last forever that ink are stayed with their life time. Technically tattoos can remove? Yes we can remove using laser, the laser is targeted the black ink and breaks them the small pieces are removed by the epidermis, but other colours are harder to remove. The removing process is tougher than takes the tattoo but it’s possible to remove.
       So a single tattoo is not truly last forever , but continuing popularity means the art is stay forever in their life…

Pros and Cons of getting tattoo :

         - Some health risks taken to consider like bacterial infection(herpes, HIV ) and blood disease.
        - A tattoo done unknowingly can turn into a keloid for individuals with colloidal tendencies.
       - Blood borne disease possible to infect and tattoo ink can damage the pigment in our body.
       - Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAHs), a group of chemicals which are known carcinogens, is harm their skin cells.

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