What happens if you destroy the black hole?

What happens if you destroy the black hole?


         Black holes can destroy everything but what happens if you destroy them, first of all we know about how the black holes are formed in space.
What is black hole?
         The black holes are formed by strange things in space, but according to scientists the black holes are formed by the death of stars. When the star dies it provides the massive energy that creates a black hole. In this theory we know what happens if you destroy the black hole.   
          Consider a tiny black hole in moon size trying to rip on it.

Experiment 1 Nuke it :

        Let's break the physics limits, big booms break things so explode the world's entire nuclear arsenal around the black hole the black hole swallow what around matter and energy, in physics the mass of the black hole preposition to the size of the black hole, boom the nuclear is increasing the size of black hole so this experiment is not possible. 

Experiment 2 antimatter :

      Matter and antimatter annihilate each other, what could happen if we threw the moon the size of antimatter in the black hole. But the black hole deletes the past identity of the object thrown on it , so matter or antimatter whatever is thrown on black hole is increasing the size of the black hole.  

      This deleting ability is pretty interesting because the size and power of black hole is like an elementary particle, the object thrown in the black hole is only considered the mass only, despite three numbers only having mass rotation and electricity in these objects.

       Similarly the black hole also has these three abilities only, so we threw out the moon size of antimatter which only increases the mass of the black hole.

Experiment 3 anti black hole:

       Excitingly we add a new anti black hole into the black hole, the black hole has electron charges and anti black holes have opposite charged electron charges.
          What could happen if they collide with each other? Sadly, two black holes are combined and we get twice the size of black hole.
    We need to think bigger. Now stretch the physics harder.

Experiment 4 destroy the event horizon:

        It is true the black holes can carry spin and charge. But even with crazy objects, there are limits . If the spin of the black hole is too large, weird things will happen, the event horizon will disappear but black holes contain the singularity.
         The singularity has more compressed gravity and if everything is close to these it will be crushed on these objects. But the vicinity of the singularity is an inescapable prison. No matter how close you want nothing will happen. The black hole is just like a washing machine. The washing machine produces vibrant energy but gravitational energy is higher than the producing energy it is not vibrant similarly happens in black holes.
          Even black holes have light energy but gravitational force is highly absorbed the energy so it's looking like black sphere.
      This should count to destroying the black hole! Can we do it ?


          Once you cross the black hole, falling towards the centre means going towards the future. That's why you can't escape, stopping your fall and escape is not possible , the singularity is actually in your future not in front of you. And you do not see your future , you won't see the singularity's future until you hit it.
       But the naked singularity in front all of us to see, well whole point is nothing to know, the singularity is have infinite gravity and they're collapse the time and space and don't exist anymore, so the infinite gravity is infinite energy so it's unpredictable to destroying and it's affecting the rest of the space without event horizon physics not sense at all. 
          So it's not possible to destroy the black hole by human.
     But the black holes evaporate and produce small particles, so the black hole reduces the energy and naked singularity the time is take evaporate the black hole depends upon the mass . i.e, the moon size black hole speck of dust, it will be take 10^44 years to evaporate so we just wait until the black hole is evaporate, 
          So it's possible to destroy the black hole? Yes! 

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