Apple vision pro - is it worth it - overhyped ?

Why everyone talks about vision pro, whats new in that thing, what are the new technologies it have, is it good or bad for us, let us talk briefly about Apple vision pro and its pros and cons 

What is vision pro :

Apple vision pro is a new VR and AR headset, which takes the apple big step into spatial computing.

apple vision pro

It takes the user into digital space by blending physical space and apps, Lets you to control them with hands, eyes, and voice.

The device runs on VisionOS specifically built for mixed reality head sets from ios frame work

what new in it :

      Apple vision pro has new technologies that help people to communicate, learn and enjoy let us see what new type of technology vision pro have

  • dual chips :

       A unique dual chip design enables the apple vision pro to give the user a wonderful low latency experience.The M2 chip is used for powerful processing to run vision OS, activitly rendering 3D objects and ultimate graphics. and the R2 chip is specifically designed for camera and sensors to process and streaming images to the display

  • A lot of cameras and sensors :

       A pair of high resolution cameras are used to you see the world around you clearly, LiDar and infra-red sensors are used to calculate the environment space around to give you the seamless experience 

  • ultra high resolution display for each eye :

      Apple gives specific OLED displays to each eye with ultra high resolution which has potentially more pixels that 4K display and has a specific three element display for better experience 

  • presision eye tracking :

       Vision pro activitly scan your eye movements with a pair of camera and sensors inside that, they use that data to adjust the display for your eye movements and producing high resolution images at where you are exactly looking.

apple vision pro

Is it a new technology :

Absolutely no, VR and AR technology has already manufacturing by some companies like Oculus with much low price compared to vision pro But apple which is well reputed company that has entered into the spatial computing.

why so much hype for that thing :

  we all know that when apple release something, its get trending and people talk about it but vision pro is not a new technology already oculus like companies are releasing their oculus quest 3 ( thier 3rd gen product) with much low price than the apple vision pro, But when it comes to technology apple did a marvelous work on vision pro with very high quality display and hand gesture controls and much more new technologies and that's why apple is getting hyped among all over the world

will future based on AR and VR :

Augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technologies are widely seen as significant components of the future, with potential applications across various industries such as gaming, education, healthcare, retail, and more. They offer immersive and interactive experiences that can revolutionize how we work, learn, entertain, and interact with the world around us.

Pros :

  • better education with 3D models
  • fun and entertainment
  • ultimate 3D gaming experience
  • connect with people virtually
  • productivity boost

cons :

  • eye strain
  • latency hazard due to lag
  • less battery life
  • pressure on face
  • limited apps

is it good or bad for us :

It have both positive and negative impacts, depending on their implementation and usage. They offer immersive experiences, drive innovation, improve education and training, and facilitate remote collaboration. However, concerns include health issues, privacy, social isolation, dependency, and ethical considerations. Balancing these aspects is crucial for responsible and beneficial integration into society.

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