Are we in a Simulation world ? just a theory or reality

Is the entire universe a simulation? Is your world a virtual environment coded by 1s and 0s? Is it a conscious computer game created by super beings from another universe? 
Let us see about one of the most popular theory about our life and consciousness

What people think about this theory :

According to Elon Musk, there’s a billion to one chance that humanity is not living inside a simulated universe. That means our world may not exist; but is that scientifically possible? Could our entire universe exist within one massive virtual space?

 Similar questions have been raised by humanity for thousands of years, long before the modern era. Many religions, from ancient pantheons to most traditions, claim that a supreme being sculpted our universe from nothing. You won’t find the word “simulation” in any religious books directly but they refer it by saying
“God created us, gave us the life”

Thought experiment..

Let us create a thought experiment that your brain is removed from your body and placed into a liquid.
Inside that liquid, your brain is connected to a computer, which sends your nerve cells the same impulses they would experience inside your body. 

From the perspective of your brain, how would you know whether your experiences are real or simulated? Let’s compare this thought experiment to a real-life scenario. Imagine, for a moment, you’ve stepped into a virtual reality game. 

After slipping on your 3D glasses, your senses sink into the dark and dusty halls of a creepy, old mansion. As you wander through its shadowy corridors, your ears are prickled by the creaking of floorboard

   Distant voices send chills down your spine, and you experience a genuine sense of terror. It looks real. It sounds real. It may even feel real. But does that make it real? That’s a difficult question to answer. 

what would you do ?

So think what did you do when you turn off all the things and wake on your real world, But mostly that wouldn't happen because you can think that you are in a simulation and even if it is true then you will not able to get outside of the real world. 

A game character could have consciousness but if it realised it is in a stimulated world it could not come out from the game or the device, so there are so many possibilities can be happen in simulation.

Conclusion :

      the question of whether we exist within a simulated reality is a thought-provoking and deeply philosophical inquiry that continues to captivate minds across disciplines. While we may never definitively prove or disprove the existence of a simulated universe, exploring this concept challenges us to reconsider our understanding of consciousness, reality, and the nature of existence itself.

 Whether we reside in a simulation or not, the pursuit of knowledge and the exploration of our reality remain essential shaping our perceptions and understanding of the world around us. Ultimately, whether simulated or not, our experiences, emotions, and connections with one another are undeniably real, lending meaning and significance to our journey through life.

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