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“Cinema is in the blood.”
“இரத்தத்தில் கலந்தது சினிமா.”

What is Cinema?

Generally, when this particular question is being asked to every particular person in this world, will have different answers and perspectives.

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As a director and story writer, we can say, “Cinema is life, or way of changing and updating people from one way to another in a small time”

How To Develop a Script?

As a story writer and director, our prime goal is to get to know ourselves that how we are going to keep our audience engaging in our film, How the audience must feel when they watch our film and spend their time with us in this journey and most importantly the way of exploring our story in a easy way that audience can see into it without any distractions.

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Here are some tips to develop a script : 

• Knowing your character’s goal will inform you on what direction to take a script. It will also inform you on what to create as their obstacles. At the end of the bound, make sure you get all the answers for the following questions : 
1. What is your character’s goal?
2. What do they need?
3. What is motivating their actions?

• Developing a script is all about finding the ways to move the story along while revealing more about your characters. To do it, create a meaningful and needful conflict.

• Strong story structure is the backbone of your entire film. It is the order and manner in which the narrative is presented.

• Always keep your audience to think like “And then..” and never give them space to think like “So what..” after getting your script done.

• You can always seek, find and make references from your inspirations. They can easily help you to overcome your script problems or the writer’s block.

• The basis of story writing is to share your story. Stories are not meant to be kept yourself. You can always seek and collaborate with others at initial stages.

• Write, rewrite, rewrite. Bring your script into a shape by writing the entire script again and again in a trail and error method. If it gives you high, fix it then.

Here are some useful tips and ways to develop a FILM SCRIPT from scratch. Stay tuned for more tips and inside views of cinema 📽️

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