A large part of our life live with internet connection. If the global internet shutdown for a day first we can’t realise the issue but after an hour we realised the internet was shutdown. And we check that was true. But today’s life style is depend on internet. overall we used the internet in past three months. The UK survay report says over 3.5billion people use the internet. On average, internet users worldwide spent 7.05 hours  every day online in 2022 survey report. In comparison, the average so far in 2023 is 7.27 hours.

First one-hour:

         The first one hour is seems like normal and everyone think it was normal problem but after an another hour people realise that impact. Everyone start searching something else continuously check their phone, restart their phones and routers. Call technician for help.

After one day:

             After one day the online related business and online services are delay . Heavily dependent online related business and communications are significantly hampered and people struggle with them and important satellite communication is disconnected with earth ,phone calls and business servers are disconnected. Economic drop also happened on that time.

After the month:

          After one month the world economies are moved to the traditional way. Absence of the internet couldn’t connect with  two nations are not directly communicate with them it maybe create tension and misunderstand with them. It maybe create a war to their nation.

After the year:

        After few months the world is move in normal way and back to the 1900s and people don’t struggle without internet and we spent more time with nature and internet waves doesn’t affect the animals and birds. We create a landline phone to connect with other nations

         We are rebuilt our society and agriculture for most of our supplies because food is important for living if we rebuilt our agriculture food continuously get there will be no demand for food. In real life it wasn’t happen because internet connection and satellite communication are safely maintained and secured at the end of the article we say please decrease the usage of mobile in our life and spend our time with friends and family, and love the nature don’t harm the nature...

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