If the universe came from nothing where the nothing came from ?

How can a lizard can understand the basics of mathematics and some History, likewise we humans can't have the capacity to understand the unsolved problems of the universe like

1. Is the universe created itself or someone created it ?

2. How can a group of atoms can have consciousness to observe the other atoms ?

3. Is there anything before the big-bang ?

4. If there is nothing before the big-bang who created nothing, who created the creator of nothing an d so-on...

So let us see about some little things we know about the universe and our perspective of the universe.


What is Big bang :

      The vastness of the universe is unimaginable to humans, as it extends far beyond our comprehension. Within this cosmic expanse, there are countless galaxies, each containing stars like our sun, and possibly even planets capable of hosting life. Exploring the universe helps us understand our place within it and sparks curiosity about what other mysteries might be waiting to be discovered. But all the things are start from a single point which was the big bang 

It proposes that the universe began as an extremely hot and dense singularity about 13.8 billion years ago. From this initial state, the universe expanded and cooled, leading to the formation of matter, energy, and ultimately the structures we observe today, such as galaxies, stars, and planets.

somewhere in the something :

       you are reading this article on a big sphere rocky plant on the solar system inside the milky way galaxy in the vast universe. Which means we all are living on a rock that is floating in somewhere in the something. Why i am calling the universe something because we humans literally don't explore the universe at least 1%. I believe that we only touched the surface of the universe knowledge there are more things that are remains unknown to us.

Space with stars

before the big bang :

     By the way, all the things in the universe are came from nothing which was proposed by some famous science theories. But have you ever imagined that who created nothing or where the nothing came from. So asking what happened "before" becomes a bit nonsensical within our current understanding of the universe.

Actually what is nothing :

     when someone shows us any empty room we would say “there is nothing here” but there is a room made up of concrete and brick even we removed the room, land, air molecules you end up with nothing. There is no definitive answer, exploring this question can lead to insights into the nature of reality and our place within it.

How all things are created :

According to some theories, the universe began as a singularity( a point of infinite density and temperature) and expanded rapidly from there. However, this doesn't necessarily mean that there was truly "nothing" before the Big Bang. Instead, it suggests a state where the laws of physics as we understand them break down, making it difficult to conceptualize what preceded the Big Bang.

Some theories propose that our universe is just one of many in a vast multiverse, where universes bubble into existence from a quantum vacuum. This vacuum is not truly "nothing" in the traditional sense but rather a sea of virtual particles and energy fluctuations governed by the laws of quantum mechanics. However, the question remains: where did this quantum vacuum come from?

The Search for a Unified Theory : 

      the search for a unified theory that incorporates the concept of nothingness is not merely a scientific problem but a philosophical quest to uncover the deepest truths about the nature of existence. By probing the mysteries of the vacuum and its role in the fabric of reality, physicists hope to unveil the underlying unity that governs the cosmos and sheds light on the profound question of why there is something rather than nothing.

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