Vikram - Implementation of Ideas from various Tamil Directors

Welcome to the next installment of Blog under Cinema section and in this post, we are gonna witness all the ideas and thoughts given by various Tamil Directors to Lokesh Kanagaraj, to be implemented.

1. Karthik Subburaj suggested Lokesh Kanagaraj to keep a song like "Annathe Aaduraar" and Lokesh kept "Pathala Pathala" song in Vikram.

2. Vikram's characterization was developed by him and LCU's starting installment "Kaithi" was inspired by the climax of Virumandi 

3. Pre-intervel and wedding scenes and sequence idea was given by the Director and Dialogue Writer Rathna Kumar.

4. After the interval scene in Vikram, A scene consisting the conversation between the Agent Vikram (Kamal Haasan) and Amar (Fahadh Faasil) which consists of a dialogue "Big fan of your work". The reply dialogue was written for more than 30 seconds. The National Award Winning Director Madonne Ashwin gave an idea to Director Lokesh Kanagaraj to keep it as a single word reply which then changed to "Glad!"

Hope this blog gave out some insights and stay tuned with us to more Cinema Updates and Facts. Cheers.

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